We want you to build your MVP*

* Minimum Viable Product

Do you have a world-changing idea that just waits to be executed?
Or maybe you are a coder, programmer or designer and interested in being part of a challenging event with a high fun-factor included and many prizes? 

Join the ready2order hackathon, form your team and start building together a start-up!

How does it work?

After hearing entrepreneurial ideas on the first day, you'll be able then to choose and join your favorite project team and work on a prototype, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), during the rest of the weekend (team size limit may apply). On Sunday, when the prototype is ready, you and your team will present it to the jury.

Amazing prizes are waiting for the winning projects, where both creativity and execution quality are taking into consideration.

But that's not it! During the weekend, we'll take care of the fun part with plenty of surprises! 

Who is it for?

Anyone who either has an idea which they want to prototype or wants to contribute to the realization of innovative ideas is welcome! 

You are expected to have technical skills: either in front-end, back-end, data-science/machine learning or even UI/UX Design. 

Any programming language is welcome! 

What will I work on?

During the hackathon you will be working with your team on one of the submitted ideas​.

Example for submitted projects:

  • Game designed to increase children's emotional skills

  • Recommendation system for real-estate

  • A product designed to detect external interference in social networks before elections

  • Automatic Custom Form ​filling using Natural Language Processing

  • Speech transcription tool for Podcasts with German dialect

...and more, many more!

I want to be part of it! 

Based on the role you want to play, we will reach out to you and give you more information about the next steps within the next weeks!

By the way! 

No worries! Your ideas will still be your own intellectual property! 

Interested in Volunteering? Reach us out! 

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